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Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change
800 Mount Vernon Hwy NE 300
AtlantaGA 30328
 (404) 277-1827
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Hypnotherapy Service in Atlanta, GA

When was the last time you asked yourself, "Why did I do that?" If you find that you're asking yourself this question frequently, perhaps you are looking for a reason why you smoke or drink so much. Or maybe, you wish that you could be more confident and less anxious. At Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change, our hypnosis therapy is your answer to this question. It changes your mind so you can change your life.

We've seen many people improve their lives through our therapies. Whether it was by marriage counseling, getting better at sports, or doing better in their careers, they found their answers here. If you'd like to be next, please contact us today!

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Board-Certified In Medical
And Clinical Hypnotherapy

- Behavioral Therapy That Can Change Your Life -

Some want to lose weight; some want to be self-assured; some may want to shoot scratch golf. In short, if there is an area in which you'd like to excel, hypnosis is the key! Many have tried to improve their lives with self-help books and positive thinking, but few have been able to make a real and permanent change. Permanent change means having more than a couple of good days after a therapy session. It won't happen when one tries to change their conscious mind; it will happen when one changes their subconscious mind. Our board-certified hypnotist targets the subconscious mind through his therapies. Our subconscious mind controls our memories, behaviors, and moods. The healthier this part of our mind is, the better off we will be.

Hypnotherapy Helps You

  • Fix Marriage Problems
  • Increase Sports Performance
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Better Organize Your Life
  • Control Bad Habits
  • Increase Good Habits
  • Lose Weight With Ease
  • Stop Smoking & Drinking

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Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change is at 800 Mount Vernon Hwy NE in Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 277-1827 for more information.


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